The Brands


The Labyrinth,  a powerful icon of ancient Bronze age origin. Steeped in mythological significance, the labyrinth symbolizes a pathway of mystery, bewilderment, secrecy, security and enlightenment.

Labyrinth, the wine, is our high-end line of Burgundian-style of wines. These wines represent a journey from vine to bottle and beyond. The infinite variations of seasonal cycles, harvest and wine making provide the interconnecting pathways from which return to the true path, which once found, will always take you home.

by Labyrinth

Haka.  A powerful, emotive gesture or dance form traditionally associated with the Maori of New Zealand incorporating words, actions, rhythm, history and life force.

Ariki Hill, being of Maori descent (Ati Haunui-a-Paparangi), honors the title in our ultra-premium line of fine wines.  HAKA presents a selection of full bodied, bold, assertive, complex wines which reflect the vineyards from which we source our grapes along California’s Central Coast.