Winemaking. My philosophy.

I grew up drinking wine at a young age in 1970's New Zealand. The choice of local product was miniscule but there was a significant choice Labyrinth of foreign wine, mostly French, German, Italian and Australian. Wine was predominantly consumed with food. 

In the early 1980's many NZ wine makers traveled to France, Germany & Italy for "enlightenment." While working in the dairy industry I became enthralled by the parallels between handling fragile milk products and grape juice. So, commenced my life towards wine and ultimately, production under my own label.

My passion is for balanced, region appropriate wines that reflect the site of origin. I like wines that taste varietal. I like wines that taste great with food and have the ability to age in the medium term. I don't like wines that show excessive alcohol, extraction or oak . . . .

In terms of Pinot Noir, I want Pinot to taste like Pinot . . . not "Shiraz in drag'. . . to that end, I pick a little earlier, retain a little more natural acid, have a lower alcohol . . . use oak for structure not flavour.

Rick Hill
Wine Maker
Labyrinth Wine Cellars